Welcome to my Practice

Hello, and welcome to my office. My hope is that in this space, you will find a safe place to express yourself and be heard. I hope that this office will be a haven, a sanctuary of acceptance, but also of challenge, as you meet the issues in your life that have been causing you problems.

Whether you want to explore issues individually, or work on a relationship with your partner or family, the decision to come to therapy can be scary. How can I talk to someone I don’t even know about the things most important to me? What will be asked of me? Do I have to tell my innermost secrets? The truth is, it is scary to open up and be vulnerable, especially when that hasn’t always been safe to do in your life. It is also true that the process of opening up is determined by you, and you never have to say anything you are not comfortable sharing.

Therapy is a journey that client and therapist embark upon together. It is respectful, and safety is always primary. I know it takes courage to make the call. Please know that I hope to provide you with a place of safety, to explore the issues most important to you, at your pace, and in your time.



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