– Wendi L. Dumbroff Uncovers the Association of Shame and Guilt – 

Wendi L. Dumbroff, MA, LPC, was a return guest on Health Professional Radio.  In a wide-ranging conversation with Host Neal Howard, Dumbroff sheds light on the internalized feelings of guilt and shame that are associated with trauma. 

Dumbroff outlined the two terms succinctly, “Shame is where we fundamentally feel bad about ourselves and who we are.” She further defines guilt as feeling badly about something we did. There are scenarios where guilt and shame exist together.

Shame is also a frequent feeling that occurs in situations of sexual abuse. Survivors of childhood sexual abuse often endure feelings of shame due to something that was done to them. “People who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse often hold onto shame even though it was not their fault in any way,” Dumbroff stated. 

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Wendi L. Dumbroff is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice in Madison, NJ, where she specializes in individual, family, couples, and sex therapy.  She is a highly trained couple and sex therapist who provides a safe, non-judgmental, and sex-positive environment.

Dumbroff has extensive experience counseling individuals, families, and couples, around many different matters including; infidelity, lack of communication, depression, anxiety, and all aspects of sexual issues. Highly intuitive, she honors the perspectives of each person in the room; she deeply believes therapy is a very courageous choice and a key to understanding un-useful patterns, which repeat in relationships. 

Additionally, Dumbroff is a certified teacher of mindfulness and meditation which are skills she brings into her therapy practice.

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