Wendi L. Dumbroff, MA, LPC, was featured in the article ‘15 Worst Reasons to Delay a Breakup’  published with Best Life. In the article she discusses the difficulties encountered in breaking up with someone and some of the worst reasons for putting it off. Here’s some of what the article had to say:

Saying goodbye to someone you love is hard. So much so that the agony of simply making the decision to break up is usually way more difficult than the actual breakup itself. After all, unless your S.O. has done something egregious—like, say, chosen to sleep with your best friend—it’s all too easy to delay pulling the plug based on nothing more than a swirl of iffy feelings and emotional confusion.

To help provide clarity, we’ve compiled all of the most common—and worst—reasons why people decide to stick to a relationship when they’d be better off heading for the door.

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