Notable Couples Therapist Interviewed By Internationally Recognized Expert

-Wendi L. Dumbroff discussed couples seeking sex therapy and mindfulness-

Wendi L. Dumbroff, MA, LPC, was recently a guest on the ‘Sex and Happiness’, podcast. Hosted by Laurie Handlers, their conversation covered a wide range of topics from what brings people to a couples and sex therapist and the practice of, mindfulness as a tool to accomplish goals.

Handlers brought to light a very valuable metaphor “emotions are like the weather they come in, and sometimes there may be a tsunami somewhere but the next day the sun comes out.” Dumbroff followed, “Sometimes it’s going to rain and sometimes it’s going to storm. Can we be with it just as it is? Can we acknowledge that’s how it is in this moment with compassion and tenderness? To treat ourselves as we might treat a dear friend or a child. To give ourselves that level of kindness and compassion.”

Dumbroff’s post-graduate training included family and couple therapy. Working with these couples Dumbroff realized there were many sexual issues and subsequently completed post graduate training in sex therapy.

There’s a wide range of reasons people will work with a couple and sex therapist. According to Dumbroff, “So often couples come in because they are experiencing discrepant desire which means one person wants sex more than the other, or a betrayal has occurred, or a partner may be unable to engage in sex because of a variety of other reasons. It’s gratifying to help couples rebuild their trust, rejoin their bodies in pleasure and continue to build on their relationship.”

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The Sex and Happiness podcast broadcasts in 51 nations where it has welcomed and interviewed hundreds of the world’s most well-recognized sex and intimacy experts.

Wendi L. Dumbroff is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice in Madison, NJ, where she specializes in individual, family, couples, and sex therapy. She is a highly trained couple and sex therapist who provides a safe, non-judgmental and sex-positive environment.

Dumbroff has extensive experience counseling individuals, families, and couples, around many different matters including; infidelity, lack of communication, depression, anxiety and all aspects of sexual issues. Highly intuitive, she honors the perspectives of each person in the room; she deeply believes therapy is a very courageous choice and a key to understanding un-useful patterns, which repeat in relationships.

Additionally, Dumbroff is a certified teacher of mindfulness and meditation which are skills she brings into her therapy practice.

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